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Seven Sisters waterfall

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Sailing the Grenadines

The islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines represent 32 islands in a 45 mile stretch of water from St Vincent, the capital and largest island in the North down to Grenada in the South. The islands in between all have their own individuality which we can attempt to give you a flavour of here but they really need to be visited to be fully appreciated. The many islands can ensure that there is always a spot to escape to for peace and tranquillity and as the tourism industry is a lot less developed than in many other parts of the Caribbean, and notably the popular sailing destination of the BVI, we can guarantee a holiday not crowded with other boats and with no fast food chains!! Sailing on a private Luxury crewed charter around what can be quite tricky sailing waters is the best way to make the most of these stunning islands with endless white sandy, beaches, turquoise waters, snorkelling and diving and of course sailing conditions to rival the best in the world!! We will take you to the places that the big cruise ships can show in their glossy brochures but which their guests will never really get to see!!

We have not listed an itinerary as we don't know yet whether you want to cover more miles, go further out and whale or dolphin spotting and further your sailing skills or sail closer to shore and jump from palm covered island to coral reef and explore the site and scenes that each of the islands and some of the fabulous reefs have to offer but below is a brief description of a few of them to whet your appetite.

Grenada in the South

If you choose to start from our preferred pick up point then our arranged taxi will bring you straight to the marina and you can be on the boat enjoying your first cocktail within 30 minutes of clearing customs.

Grenada is spectacularly beautiful when viewed from the water with lush green mountains, crystal waterfalls golden beaches and the fragrant spice trees that give the island its name as the "Spice Island". From late Jan to end Feb you get the bonus of seeing the hills ablaze with the hundreds of bright orange flowering immortelle trees - pure magic. For those keen on hiking, they say some of the interior of the island is like walking in the garden of Eden and a swim in one of the falls will leave you feeling wonderfully refreshed and your hair and skin extra soft and silky. We can always organise a guide to ensure you don't miss the best bits. A good one day trip is to visit the organic chocolate farm and factory, and the traditional rum distillery with a great lunch in between. For those more adventurous we can contact Randal Robinson who organises adventure tours including tubing rivers, mountain biking and stand up all terrain jeeps for deep bush adventures. Of course if you are feeling tired and stressed by the long journey you can simply stretch out under the awning on the trampoline and enjoy a good book, a cold drink and some time to relax and reflect.

A cold drink and fresh fruit will await your return to the yacht before setting sail north to another stunning scene.


An island with over 100 rum shops and only one gas station - need i say more? This place is so laid back that it's the only place our cruising guide writer has seen a pelican sitting on top of a buoy with a seagull sitting on the pelicans head - all sitting contently in the afternoon sun and this epitomises the nature of the island and its people - some of the friendliest in the Caribbean. You can see the fishing boats arriving back under sail to Windward - the home of Carriacou's boat building. Hillsborough the main town has a special charm of its own and is built right on a perfect beach. We can drop you by dinghy for a special lunch as most of the restaurants are open to the sea with a great view of sea, white sand and turquoise water. Diving here is very good with good visibility most of the time and there is an excellent dive school run by Germans on the Island. There are enough beautiful bays on this island that you could have a different view for breakfast, lunch and dinner all on the same island if you so wished or with plenty of local restaurants if you wish to sample some local fare.

Petit St Vincent (PSV) and Petit Martinique

Whilst these two small islands are a stones throw apart, one is part of saint Vincent and the Grenadines and the other of Grenada.

Psv is mainly a very exclusive private resort but is worth a stop for some snorkelling and a picnic on the beach. Petit Martinique is somewhat larger and boasts a great wine and rum shop with unbeatable prices that alone can justify a visit here!!

Union Island

This is a great island to visit and stands out from afar with its dramatically mountainous outline. The entrance to the main port, Clifton, is well sheltered by a reef that shows off its kaleidoscopic colours and patterns as you sail in. Ashore, the main town, Clifton, is full of colour and local character with a picture perfect little market around a green. The roads and trails offer the best hiking and biking in the Grenadines. However, there are also idyllic anchorages away from the hustle and bustle of the local town, Chatham bay for example with a long sandy beach to explore, good snorkelling and several companies running beach BBQs with fresh local fish and lobster.

Palm Island

A stone's throw from union and barely time to get the sails up, originally an uninhabited island, now with a luxury private resort but you can still enjoy one of the best beaches in the Windward Islands, Cassuarina, with its gorgeous expanse of golden sand, lapped by translucent turquoise water. Enjoy a relaxing stroll here and visit the boutiques along the beach and see how the other half live!

The Tobago Cays

The Tobago cays, just south of the island of Canouan are one of the most spectacular anchorages in the Eastern Caribbean and a must for all visiting yachtsmen. They are a small group of deserted islands that now make up a well run national park and the diving and snorkelling from here is spectacular as well as the opportunity to moor over night if it's not too windy) and be able to see the milky way open up before you with the lack of light pollution out in the ocean. The area is protected by the long horseshoe reef where, although the hard coral was badly damages in the last hurricane, there are always plenty of fish and turtles. Currents here can be very strong and you can only dive with the local dive shop who will pick you up from the yacht and take you in their dinghy to the best dive sites - many of them drift dives so you can glide effortlessly past the wildlife in its natural habitat.


This island is surrounded by the pristine beaches that dreams are made of and Salt Whistle Bay is a half moon shaped one of these with the an exclusive resort that does welcome Yachties to its bar. In fact it is normally the Yachties that liven up this otherwise very sleepy little resort. The restaurant is set in the open wooded area with tables built of stone and with their own thatched roofs. This is unspoilt as is it still part of the Tobago cays marine park and long may it stay that way.


A gorgeous beach awaits with palm trees hanging over but the most expensive beers we have bought in the Grenadines - so far!! The Raffles hotel group own the top half of the island and entry is with permission only but day passes, golf passes or dinner passes are available. Alternatively we can anchor in their bay and make their guests envious of us on our catamaran with a different view every day! Marjellas on the beach uses executive chefs from Raffles so you can get great food in a more relaxed atmosphere. Canuoan is a good stopping off point before heading to the cays or a place to retreat to if the wind is too strong to spend the night out on the cays!


Mustique has been made famous for its celebrity residents who have owned private villas on this private island including Mick Jagger, Raquel Welch, and the late Princess Margaret. It is still frequented by the young Royals and their well heeled friends seeking a private getaway. Of course the price of everything, including mooring, is aimed at the well heeled. The famous Basils bar is right on the beachfront and he runs a two week blues festival in aid of charity in January. The weekly seafood BBQ and Caribbean "Jump up" are a great night out with dancing to local bands into the early hours of the morning. Ashore you can hike inland and see the manicured lawns amongst the wilds of the rest of the island which is pretty untamed.


Bequia is probably the busiest island we will visit during your stay as it has long been a favourite of yachts people, isolated enough to be relatively unspoiled but lively enough to be stimulating and entertaining. Bequia is an island of sailors and boats and by IWC agreement still has license to catch four whales a year between February and April when the humpback whales are passing from North to South to rear their young. They don't often tend to catch one as it is quite a feat with hand held harpoon and open boats!! The Bequia people are a proud race many descending from the North American whalers, from farms in Scotland and also from France and Africa.

There is a great dive shop in Bequai for those who want a bit more time underwater or even a first time taster session, good beaches and snorkelling, some fun shopping for souvenirs, endless restaurants both good and those to be avoided. There is plenty to do ashore including beauty treatments at a small spa, watch the sunset from Mount Pleasant, go on a more adventurous hike, taxi or walk up to the falls, visit the whaling museum, or even the turtle sanctuary. At the Old Hogg turtle sanctuary, Brother King takes turtle eggs and rears turtles until they have a better chance of survival back in the open. The list of things to do is endless and of course there is still the catamaran with its space and quiet if you want to just stretch out and do absolutely nothing.

If you fancy a trip up to St Vincent but the boat doesn't have time then you can always take a ferry from here up to Kingstown. It runs about 4 times a day and only takes just over an hour.

Luxury charter in the Grenadines

Crewed charter around the grenadines is the ideal way to explore this plethora of unique islands that make up the Grenadines. They are in the throes of building a new airport at St Vincent that will take Jumbo jets and when that happens, the sleepy nature of these islands will start to change forever. So get here now while they still have the undeveloped charm that many of us still seek for our little bit of Caribbean paradise. We will be delighted to show you the best bits and make sure that this is your holiday of a lifetime - individually designed to meet your personal requirements.

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